Double Membrane pump MC-50MD

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brevetto The MC-M piston-diaphragm pumps with interposed fluid are built to offer reduced wear in presence of abrasive products.
The MC-MD Double Membrane configuration, drastically reducing the risks of breakage or damage of the membrane, allows for an increase in the useful life of the device and reduced needs of maintenance.

These pumps provide, at a preset level, the control of the stresses of the membranes. The connections between the two membranes through the interposed fluid, restricts the deformations ensuring therefore minimal propensity to rupture. Maintaining the optimum level of the operating pressure is guaranteed by use of the maximum-pressure valve in cooperation with the reset valve.


  • Exercise pressure (bar): 12

  • Maximum pressure (bar): 15

  • Piston diameter (mm): 80×2

  • Delivery (litres/hour): 5.000

  • Absorbed power (kW): 4,0