The 5 lines of MC pumps

The range includes 21 types of pumps in more than 50 versions, divided in 5 lines:

  1. piston plunger pumps (MC)

  2. double effect piston pumps (MC-DE)

  3. piston-membrane pumps (MC-M),

  4. double membrane pumps with interposed fluid (MC-MD)

  5. double membrane double effect pumps with interposed fluid (MC-MDE)

The Marzi Pumps, thanks to their intrinsic head characteristics along with low power consumption, are particulary suitable for feeding filterpresses. Reliability and quick and effective maintenance are achieved thanks to the strenght of the materials and constructive validity.

Easy inspection and perfect interchangeability of components guarantee a fast and effective maintenance.

Designed for intermittent use with stop at pre-determinated pressure by means of a pressure switch. Properly coupled to an adjustable frequency drive (inverter), can work continuosly adjusting to any particular pressure and delivery demand.

Features at a glance

  1. Remarkable head along with low power consumption
  2. High reliability thanks to the material quality selected in accordance to their sturdiness, matched with constructive technology that allow a great maintenance easiness
  3. Self-priming with a high capacity of suction
  4. Maintenance facilitated from the easy inspection and interchangeability of components
  5. Punctual assistance and full spare parts availabilty for prompt delivery


The parts that make up the pump body are cast in a single block. All parts in contact with pumped materials are cast in bronze or AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel. The fitting pipe thread is conforming to DIN 11851-52, ideal for foodstuff, pharmaceutics and chemical and mechanical industry. For special kinds of work or for specific requirements the pumps can be supplied in a version in which the parts in contact with the pumped product are resistant to even the most aggressive agents.

An eye to aesthetics

Whe always paid attention to the design of our products, generally excluded from a design aesthetic. The research carried out over volumes, lines and proportions brought to a pleasant look that is recognizable in the details and either for the overall effect. It have been reached an unusual aesthetic sharpening for the sector very appreciated by customers.