Marzi's Universe

Marzi & C. is on the market from the early 50's with an important production of wine industrie machines. From 1975 the company focused their intuitions, research and investments over the filterpresses feeding pumps. In a few years its remarkable specialization made it competitive over the national and European market through various conformity certification. Today supply its products to the main producers of filterpresses in the oenological field and for the purification of liquids with very high density or very abrasive.

The range reckon 21 kind of pumps, but the company is capable of adapting the products over specific request.


Corporate vision, daily practice

Marzi & C. keep over its products that manufacturing care which usually distinguish an artisanal production, whilst typically industry-oriented is the corporate vision: the after-sales service and its punctuality, the prompt delivery spare parts and the availability of human resources and competencies.